Are you ready to make the switch to solar power for your home?

Our Services

With plentiful sunshine year-round, its no surprise California is the leader of solar power in the U.S. And, with more homeowners choosing to power their homes with renewable energy, along with statewide rebates, tax credits, and initiatives, it’s more affordable than ever. We make the process of going solar simple so you can start enjoying lower utility bills and reduce your environmental impact right way.

At Greenstar Solar, we specialize in residential solar. This means we exclusively help homeowners like you transition from powering their homes with fossil fuels to running on clean solar power.

We work with all solar vendors to give our customers every possible option when it comes to choosing a solar energy system. And, you don’t have to do it alone. We’ll walk you through the entire process. From home evaluation and panel selection to system design, to getting your system installed, our team of solar experts will customize a solution that fits your needs and budget.

Free Consultation

Give us a call and tell us about your home, your goals, and your budget. We’ll schedule a time to evaluate your property.  We’ll help you select the best solar panels for your needs. Because we work with all vendors, we’re able to offer the widest selection and best prices.

Site Visit

Our installer will visit your home to examine the type and angle of your roof and note any shading. We’ll take photos and measurements to determine the best system size.

Engineer Visit

One of our engineers will be sent to evaluate your home and make sure it’s compatible with your new solar energy system. We’ll also file the proper building permits at this time.

Order is Placed

With your system selected, home inspected, and permits filed, we’ll place an order for your solar panels. At this time, we’ll give you an estimated installation date.

Solar Panel Installation

Your new solar system will be delivered to your home on installation day. First, your roof will be prepped with wiring that will connect your solar system to your electrical panel and general power system. Then a racking system will be put in place to support the solar panels. Finally, the panels will be placed on the racking where they will begin generating power.

Switch to Solar

Switching to solar can be overwhelming, but having the right partner will help make the transition smooth and stress-free. Contact the solar experts at Greenstar Solar to start your switch to clean, renewable energy today.